Monday, November 1, 2010

From Showdog to Batdog!

Norman came home just in time for Halloween, and we were very happy to have our little buddy home. However, he seemed to be settling into the showdog routine pretty well by the end of the second week with Cheryl. Most importantly, the little table problem seems (hopefully) to be a thing of the past. I thought he looked great on the table for the All Hallows Cluster Shows in Marietta GA. He went WD two of the four days, so he is now at 11 points (and he needs another major). We had a great time on Halloween evening trick-or-treating with our Batgirls and Norman (batman). We went up to First Baptist Church here in Villa Rica (GA) and he was seen and petted by many people...lots of my FB friends  had seen him on Facebook only and were glad to see him in-person. He had a great time and wore his costume without complaint for FIVE HOURS!! We trick-or-treated some more around the neighborhood, then everybody collapsed! Kudos to my kids' school for planning a teacher's workday on Monday!


  1. It sounds like Cheryl has Norman's number which is definitely a good thing. The Bat group looked great.

  2. Oh yeah, Penni...Cheryl has Norman completely buffaloed (and he just LOVES her). I was waiting for her ringside with Norman and he went into a panic attack looking for her.

  3. Love the batgirls and your little batman. Perfect costumes for all your little ones! Glad you had a happy Halloween and that Norman is doing better at the shows.