Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, what a Time in OH!

We had a wonderful time at the CWCCA Nationals in Huron OH. It was COLD...especially compared to the South, which had almost no winter this year. We arrived Tuesday in time for the Megan...then Wed AM was sweeps time and our sweet Diamond was first place in 12-15 sweeps! Her sister TJ was fourth in sweeps, and her brother Cody was 3rd in Sweeps in 12-15 boys. Special thanks to Cheryl Mika for handling Diamond (and making her behave!) and Laura Prosser for handling Norm in The Megan and BOB!
Diamond with first place in 12-15 sweeps!

Cody, TJ, and Diamond in a photo.

Sweet Sarah and the ever-happy Norman!
We just enjoyed the show on thursday, then friday was regular class bitches. Diamond won a fourth place ribbon from the 12-15mo class. We were so thrilled! Then,,,it was Sarah's turn on Saturday for her Junior Showmanship debut. She did great and enjoyed every minute of it and she got a big 2nd place ribbon to show her classmates!  We framed all the ribbons so the girls could take them to school:
When we left Huron it was spitting sleet, and when we arrived home Sunday it was almost 90 degrees. It was good to meet old and new friends....a good time, indeed.
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