Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Ring of Fire"

"I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down down

and the flames went higher.

and it burns, burns, burns ....the Ring of Fire"
All I can think of is this Johnny Cash song when I ponder how hot is was at the shows in Asheville. I thought it was supposed to be cool in the mountains. Our ring times were 9 and 10, so it was not SO BAD....but the poor people and animals in the afternoon with forecast highs of 96 degrees. We stuck around sat for group so I could try out my new lens. If you are interested in seeing some more of my shots look at my FB page here.

Congrats to Norm's nephew Yippee for going WD on Sunday for a 3pt major. As far as Norm goes...not so much. He actually stacked nicely and looked good on the table...but movement-wise....he was totally...goofy. We continue to be learners.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Norm and the "B"

 was my turn to try my hand at this handling here I am with Norman at our Club's B Match in Carrollton GA at the ag center. About 50 dogs turned out. Norm was the only cardi (no shocker there), so I got a lovely pink ribbon for first place and another one for best in breed. Then came was Norman , a Border Collie, and a 3.5 month old female Pembroke puppy. The pem kinda... sorta...really...ran up on Norms was pretty much over at that point. He went 100% nuts. Game over. guess who won group? the pem.

Emily's best buddy from pre-k , Dylan, came with her parents to cheer Norm on and to check out the doggage. We also met an adorable Cairn Terrier (Emily wants one). Handling was really fun. I must do this for-real sometime...we are headed to Asheville for the show this weekend. It's a pretty fair cardi enty (7-7-2-0). anyone else gona be there?