Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Steps and Norm's Visit to Grandpa!

Diamond participated in her first cluster of shows this past weekend... We came home with a couple of blue ribbons, and lots of new experiences for a barely 6 month old puppy. She had fun and is starting to learn how to be a show dog. Right now she is at Camp Cheryl  and she is entered a couple of days at Lexington this weekend. Super-congrats to Norm's sis Rosie for her 4pt major on Sunday, and to Tommy (ScoutxChase pup) for back to back majors in the ATL this weekend. It was all quite exciting to watch!
Here is Emily, Frank, Norman, and my dad in his room in rehab. Norman did well for his first experience in such a place. He got to meet some of the other patients/residents too!
 Norman is going to get to play therapy dog tomorrow (though he isn't yet certified or anything)...my dad is in rehab after a nasty blood infection and they told us that it was OK to bring our doggies. I am sure this will be a good thing for man and beast alike. Norm is so sad and lost without his little Di-Di!! I will have to post pics of this visit to the rehab/nursing facility too! I have since added the photo above! Norm and my daddy were very happy to see each other!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resistance is futile...

"We are Cardigan...you will be assimilated....resistance is futile..."
They are definitely in charge. Happy 6 month Birthday Diamond!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Much Happening Here...

Hello, this is Diamond! I am trying to keep this big stick I found in the yard away from Norman....I also ate a book today, and threw up in the Element like three times! Like I said, not much happening here!
 BUT ...I hope to meet some new friends in Atlanta at the shows in a couple of weeks. We all think Norman needs to enter the weight pull 'cause he's so big and strong.... I will just be out in the ring looking cute and wagging my tail, I think. I will try to be a good girl!