Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet Norman.

Norman Sweet Norman. See the GA red clay on the tip of his nose? No snow here...only rain and red mud. Norm continues to be an observer of life and a connoisseur of sticks and hickory nuts in the yard. The cat continues to be an extreme fascination. Life is good.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Norman's New Best Friend.

Norman has made friends with our cat Toto. She is about 9 months old and ALL PLAY. They have enjoyed tremendous times the past 2 days chasing each other around the house. Eventually, one of them tires of the activity for awhile. I had hoped for a nice posed portrait of the pair, but Norm was the only one willing to stay still for the cam. So I settled for some action shots... Norman made another visit inside our school today and met a bunch of kids (again). Emily's teacher called me specifically to bring him so her daughter could see and pet him.'re getting very popular!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show-and-Tell Day!

The little girl in the blue is our 4yr daughter Emily. That's her dad (Frank) holding Norm.

Lots of little happy hands.

Norman was show-and-tell in my 4yr old Emily's class on Friday. He also went to older Sister Sarah's 1st grade class for a few minutes. He is super with kids and allowed many hands to pet him at one time. I guess I should get used to getting the query "what kind of dog is that, anyway???"

Welcome to Norman's World

Here begins the adventures of Norman , aka Lyberty's "D-Day @ Normandy." We just call him Norm, or Norman....normally. He is a 4++ month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi and adored by everyone in the family. Many thanks to Laura at http://http// for the wonderful pup and the great experience of meeting their entire family of great canines! As a photographer, I may be posting more pics than here we go.