Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Show Weekend!

Norman went Winner's Dog on Friday and Sunday for two more points in Montgomery AL at Garrett Coliseum... he was apparenty pretty wild Saturday so he just took reserve. It was great to be able to see Norman and his sis Rosie in the ring on Sunday! (we were not there saturday but Laura kept and handled him for us) I will not steal Laura's thunder but Rosie did VERY WELL TOO! Congrats to the puppies! Thanks for all your help , Laura!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Came in the Mail Today...

Norm's first official show pic arrived of course I had to scan it and post it here. Pictured L to R are Judge Pat Hastings, Norman, and Frank (my husband). Then OF COURSE I had to mess with it...wondering what it would look like with a less-distracting here is my version too! Anyhow, we're off to Montgomery for the show Friday, and Laura is showing him Saturday and Sunday along with Rosie ( THANK YOU!). We'll come back down Sunday to watch them and pick him up.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Point!

Norman went Winner's Dog under Judge Pat Hastings to win his first point in the show in Newnan GA. We are excited and Norman is exhausted. I think he had fun, though! Laura and Rosie came down with Janet and Scout and Spencer and they were a BIG help. Special thanks to Ms. Cheryl to for making the Norm all PURDY! We'll try again tomorrow afternoon. Happy Easter, everybody!
UPDATE: Norm won his class on Sunday but he did not take winners. We met some great people this weekend and learned a lot. Considering that we had NEVER even BEEN to a dog show before Saturday, I thing we did OK... thanks to Norman!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dog Show Bound!

This weekend we are debuting Norman in the show ring in Newnan Ga. Norm's sis Rosie is coming down from TN too for a visit at the show with Laura (and Scout and Janet I think.) I would love to meet anyone at the show who may be reading this and attending the show! . We will be easy to find as we will be the clueless-looking family with the brindle boy.... Tomorrow is Norm's 7 month b'day so I captured this pic of the big goofball on his fav log deep in the backyard. Or the neighbor's backyard. whatever. Anyway, I photoshopped his leash out, as I am both holding leash and making photo.