Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Show Weekend!

Norman went Winner's Dog on Friday and Sunday for two more points in Montgomery AL at Garrett Coliseum... he was apparenty pretty wild Saturday so he just took reserve. It was great to be able to see Norman and his sis Rosie in the ring on Sunday! (we were not there saturday but Laura kept and handled him for us) I will not steal Laura's thunder but Rosie did VERY WELL TOO! Congrats to the puppies! Thanks for all your help , Laura!


  1. Wow! Good job Norman and Rosie!

  2. A good day at the dog show is always a good. Congratulations.

  3. Hey Norman! We saw you on the Daily Corgi and thought we'd come by to say "ha roo"!
    congrats on your cool wins!
    Play bows,