Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dog Show Bound!

This weekend we are debuting Norman in the show ring in Newnan Ga. Norm's sis Rosie is coming down from TN too for a visit at the show with Laura (and Scout and Janet I think.) I would love to meet anyone at the show who may be reading this and attending the show! . We will be easy to find as we will be the clueless-looking family with the brindle boy.... Tomorrow is Norm's 7 month b'day so I captured this pic of the big goofball on his fav log deep in the backyard. Or the neighbor's backyard. whatever. Anyway, I photoshopped his leash out, as I am both holding leash and making photo.


  1. Have fum at the show -- most Cardi people are pretty welcoming. Just charge up and introduce yourself.

  2. Good Luck at the show! Have fun!

  3. Good luck, have fun and please remember to breathe. Can't wait to hear how it goes!