Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Diamond! (and other roving news)

Happy Birthday Diamond! She was 1yr old on Feb 20, and she was pretty -much being born the same day Norm finished his Championship.

We all had a good time at the party and Norman loves wearing a party hat!

We now are the proud owners of  a 1982 Airstream 280 Motorhome! . We had to close our inflatable business and Frank is working in Nashville during the week for an architectural firm and living in the Airstream. I am staying here with dogs, kids, and elderly parents (MIL in basement, mine next door). I think our Airstream looks a lot like the one NASA used since 1985 for the Shuttle Astronauts' transport: (but we have nice blue awnings)

 I fell in love with the Airstream in about 1975 o a class field trip to Huntsville Space Center where the original Mobile Quarantine Facility was on Display:
Now they have moved it to somewhere near DC , so they replaced it with the Apollo 12 one. Not as cool.

And then , of course on Feb 20th...NASA celebrated its 50th Anniv of John Glenn's orbital I guess Feb 20 was a big day for everybody (especially for John Glenn who still alive at 90 to enjoy it all)

So there you have it: dogs...Airstreams....NASA...all tied together somehow. Kinda weird, huh?