Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Ring of Fire"

"I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down down

and the flames went higher.

and it burns, burns, burns ....the Ring of Fire"
All I can think of is this Johnny Cash song when I ponder how hot is was at the shows in Asheville. I thought it was supposed to be cool in the mountains. Our ring times were 9 and 10, so it was not SO BAD....but the poor people and animals in the afternoon with forecast highs of 96 degrees. We stuck around sat for group so I could try out my new lens. If you are interested in seeing some more of my shots look at my FB page here.

Congrats to Norm's nephew Yippee for going WD on Sunday for a 3pt major. As far as Norm goes...not so much. He actually stacked nicely and looked good on the table...but movement-wise....he was totally...goofy. We continue to be learners.


  1. Norm's a beautiful pup! He'll have his day soon!

  2. It will come. He looks good, and as you do it more you will feel more relaxed and comfortable too. I like the new fancy posed picture, you can tell he is just a fun loving guy, ready to go and play. Very nice.

  3. It must have been close between you two. Norman looks lovely and thanks for putting up a picture with Yippee, I haven't seen him since he was 10 weeks old.

  4. Thanks, everyone for the kind words. Norman is such a good boy. I know the rest will come with time and practice (for all of us!)

  5. What a handsome boy. If you know of anyone looking for a great boy - Yippee is looking....