Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A case of adolescent rebellion?

Am I doing OK, boss?

This is better....

Emily enjoys Ice Cream at Groups courtesy of Grandma.

Sarah, the eternal dog petter.....

Norman...Norman...what were you thinking? The first day of the Atlanta Shows (AND OUT CLUB DAY TO BOOT!!!) Norm decides it is time to assert himself on the table and get excused for nipping at the judge (and then Cheryl too). It was like watching a terrible accident. He was put in time-out for the rest of the day...and was gone-over by every human (I think) Cheryl could find in the grooming area. Our club prez saw me later and said "I heard Norman tried to bite Polly" (the Mrs. Dr. Smith). Thanks Norman.  BUT he was much improved by Saturday, and we were WD  Sunday ,so that was encouraging. He has gone back to TN with Cheryl and even attended her handling class so he could do lots more table work. Laura said he did pretty well at the class so hopefully this little bump in the road has passed. Four more shows in Marietta GA this weekend.....It has been VERY tough without Norman. We will all be glad to have our little buddy home so he can be Batman for Halloween with the girls (BATGIRLS!)


  1. Could be he's suffering from being away from his family as well! Also, maybe he was under the weather that day. If he's never nipped anyone before, it probably was just a bad day for him.

  2. Bad Norman!! I saw the "EX" by his name in the Atlanta results and was like "What??!" LOL Ah well, we all have bad days. I can't imagine he'll try it again, he's such a sweet boy.