Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet CH Lyberty D-Day at Normandy!

Norman finished his Championship today in Greenville going WD for a 3pt major. We are thrilled! And he brought home a very pretty ribbon too! Since we didn't get to go, the girls got out their drawing equipment and provided some artistic renditions. Emily told Sarah that her drawings of the Judge (Duerksen) and Ms. Cheryl made them look like vampires. lol. We have been battling the stomach bug since Wed. here....both girls have had it and they are WIPED OUT. I fear I may fall victim within the next few

Norm won't get to rest on his laurels much as tomorrow night is obedience class at the Atlanta Obedience Club. (Provided someone in the family is well-enough to get him there!)

We extend a BIG BIG thanks to Norm's handler Cheryl Mika and to his breeder and co-owner Laura Prosser for letting us enjoy this sweet boy!!


  1. Way to go Norman! Can't wait to see the photo, although the girl's artistic rendition are probably better!

  2. Wow! Congrats! LOVE your girls' Champion sketches!

  3. Carol, I love the girls drawings. Do they do commissions?

    You should think about sending this to judge. I made quilted postcards of Scout's show photos for these big events for the judges, and I know he would get a huge kick out of this.

  4. Congratulations!!! Now I can tell my son I met another famous corgi on the internet, LOL. It was so nice to meet you guys - and Norman - at Janet's Puppy Party the other weekend.

  5. What a great drawing! So much detail! I love it! =D