Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again.

 Feb. Atlanta Shows...2 RWD, 1 Dump....lots of silliness. On to Greenville, where hopefully everyone shows  to maintain majors in dogs all 3 days. I did not even get to go to the shows till Sunday due to sick young'uns. Thankfully Sarah only has an ear infection (bad enough) but at least it's not strep or flu!  I made some good photography contacts on Sunday. That was encouraging, since I would love to actually get paid for this dog/pet photography thing at some point. It is much more fun than weddings. If you have a Facebook Account, you can view pictures of the Cardigans on Sunday in Atlanta here.

Norman is always happy to play with Sarah and Emily after he is done showing!


  1. He's becoming such a handsome man -- just a little time and he'll be finished. Then he can get a job:)

  2. I want to try him on this lure coursing thing!

  3. Norman is very handsome! We really enjoyed the facebook pictures. Thanks for sharing!