Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello...Norman reporting here...

Hello, it's Norman reporting. I am writing this because my mom has laryngitis. Just daddy and me went to the show in Perry GA on thursday and friday. We saw lots of nice people that petted me, and we saw lots of dogs too. We got to trot around the ring twice on thursday and friday and I got a purple and white ribbon both days. Daddy says this was called "reserve" The boy that got the purple ribbon was a pretty brindle dog who was a little older than me. Mommy said that dog got a ribbon at the Nationals a few weeks ago. I wanted to play with him. I also wanted to play with the judges while I was on the table. Is this wrong? I am just trying to be friendly. I also talked to a very nice man who petted me from something called The Delta Society, and he said that I needed to be something called a therapy dog. If this means that I can play with people and they can pet me, I am all for it!

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  1. Hi, Norman! You are doing a great job of reporting for your human family. I will have to introduce you to Lucy. She sometimes reports for me also.