Monday, May 31, 2010

Field Day

The girls had field day at their school last week, and Norm was very happy to tag along for some petting....but it was HOTTTTT! Unfortunately, my SD card crashed on my camera, so I had to spend $20 for a recovery program to get the images out, and the best ones from the field day were unrecoverable (it figures!) I bought a Nikkor 2.8 80-200 zoom on craigslist the other day. I want to try my hand a dog show action photography. It really takes a fast lens at these indoor shows. I spent 20yrs as a wedding photographer, and I really think dogs are a LOT more fun!! Norm and I are going to a B-Match in Carrollton GA sponsored by our club on the 5th. Hope everyone is enjoying a long Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Love that first photo! Such a classic Cardi pose....

    I just bought a similiar lens, a 75-200, was all excited to get it, and have done NOTHING with it. It's so dang heavy, it's inconvenient. I love the few pictures I've taken, but, boy, what a pain to carry around. Hope I get over that feeling! I have an agility trial this weekend, so maybe I can try a few action shots....

  2. Yes, it is the heaviest lens I have ever owned! It has the tripod mount ON the lens. The sharpness is incredible, but you really have to be motivated to get it out and use it because it's so heavy.

  3. Mine has the tripod mount on the lens as well. I bought a monopod (or is it unipod?) at the same time. It really does help stabilize everything, it's just that I can't take it all along on a dog walk and still handle leashes, etc., when needed. Guess I just need to set aside "learning" time, and make it all work!