Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Flies : Happy 2yr Anniv Norman!

This is what he looked like the day he came home at about 4 months old.

Laura says goodbye to her sweet boy!

He seemed really BIG. HE seems alot BIGGER now!

We got Mr. Norman 2yrs ago on MLK Day! How time flies! In other news, we are shopping for an Airstream for Frank to live in since he is working in Nashville now....I think an Airstream could be VERY useful for (ahem!) other things too. We have been looking at fixing up an older one....not much luck at finding a decent one so far....but Diamond found a boat she REALLY LIKED on Saturday in Albany, GA!


  1. Norman was such a cute baby -- grew up to be a handsome boy. So does Diamond get her boat?

  2. Diamond really needs a gym set instead of a boat. She is quite an acrobat. I think she would be awesome in agility when she grows up.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to Norman!

    And, what a fun and fabulous shot for Diamond! Don't you just love it when a photo op like that comes along?!

  4. @Taryn. yes, I couldn't pass it up. Of course ,all I has with me was my iphone, so it had to do.