Monday, May 9, 2011

There's a New Kid in Town...

We were thrilled to go to Tennessee on Friday to pick up the newest member of our family, Grangefield Lyberty Cracklin' Rosie Make Me a Smile , "Diamond". She is Ch Winbucks Mosaic Wheel D'Fortune CDX HT (ferris) x Ch Grangefield Lyberty Savannah (jill). Norman is a very happy uncle, although I have to admit that Diamond will certainly be ruling the roost before many days pass. She is a fearless little spitfire, and we love it!

 She was born Feb. 20, which is also the same day Norm finished his championship. Diamond will be old enough to debut in the ring at our Club's practice B Match in June. Also... my 5yr old Emily has started her own blog about Diamond : . There are some other photos on her blog from our trip to TN. Special thanks to Laura Prosser and Shirley Hobbs for entrusting us with this beautiful and SMART girl. I will co-own her with Laura.


  1. She is very cute! Your life will be frantic for a while -- new puppies seem to do that to a household. Enjoy.

  2. She is so sweet! Diamond is the perfect name--she just sparkles with personality!

  3. Oh! be still my heart! What a cutie!