Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Saturday Bath and the $600 Cat

Well it's Saturday, so I told Norman he needed a Saturday Bath. He was not impressed, but relatively compliant. It's not such a bad deal haven't had a bath in about three weeks.

Now to the topic of the cat. The cat pictured above (Smokey) that I found in the woods this past summer (feral) wound up with a $600 vet bill. We had just had him neutered and microchipped and all that jazz when he disappeared on Valentine's Day (or if you prefer...the last day of Westminster...) He was gone for about a week, then he reappeared and it became evident something was wrong. Terribly wrong. He spent about 6 days in kitty ICU at the vet getting pumped with steroids and IVs. The vet determined that he had suffered a very serious head injury that caused his brain to swell. At one point he was totally blind. The photo above was taken today and it was his first adventure into the great outdoors in about 3 weeks. Smokey is really a sweet kitty. They told us he is a Maine Coon mix...which means he will probably be HUGE! He is doing great and we are thankful.


  1. Maine Coons are awesome cats. Ours weighed in at 33lbs. Best lap warmer ever!

    Glad he's gonnna be OK. Do they think he got hit by a car?

  2. @Kim...the vet says it is possible he got "rolled" by a car (his terminology). He also said it could have resulted from a fall. Sounds crazy, but he's only 10 months old so I guess he still isn't a fully-licensed tree climber! We have some cat-killing dogs still on the loose around here. I guess it's possible that he got hurt somehow trying to get away from those dogs. One thing is for-sure: he almost died.