Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Are Entering the No-Frap Zone.

We have been hit with about 4-5 inches of snow sandwiched between a layer of ice below it and a layer of freezing rain above it. Wed. will be NO school (or work)  for three days. Norm's first beginner obedience class at the Atlanta Obedience Club (mon) was canceled. North GA is paralyzed. We have neither the knowledge or experience to deal with this amount of ice here in the south. The streets are a huge skating rink. AND Norman...he can't even frap in this because this is really ice and not snow. Poor little guy doesn't really want to even go outside. He loves the powdery stuff, but not this!


  1. Hi! Norman! We saw you on a blog list and had to stop by to admire you! You are very lucky to have children in your family! Keep your tummy and your feet warm! We luv Corgis.

  2. He's a beautiful boy and so lucky to have big sisters.