Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teeth Bothering You, Little Boy?

I do believe that Norm is teething quite a bit! He is chewing on everything. We are going to start classes for CGC in March and are also planning on joing the local KC so we can do handling classes for the Norm. He is entered Sarah and Emily's school dog show saturday, so I will have plenty of pictures of all the fun....BTW, is is good to use conditioner as well as shampoo? Any grooming suggestions are apperciated.


  1. Most the time I bather my Cardis, I don't even use shampoo, just warm water.

    My new favorite shampoo is Show Stopper 'sugar cookie', which is a concentrate you mix 16:1. I put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on their body. It smells great, cleans well, and doesn't get the coat too soft. You want that 'weatherproof' coat texture that grime slides right off of. You can order it from totalk9connection.com just search for 'sugar cookie'. 16 oz will last one dog forever, and you can even share with friends since it dilutes so much! (It's formulated for professional groomers)

    Some dogs like chewing on frozen wet cloth. For Sparkles I wetted down a braided fleece tug (Super easy to DIY, Just cut strips of fleece, knot at the end, braid, then knot at the end) and froze it. That is still a hit! Also doubles as a tug, and fetch toy, or puppy pillow.

  2. Looks like Norm is walking softly and carrying a big stick! He came by it honestly sticks are the favorite outside chew toy for our crew. There is a host of good shampoos for dogs. I like miracle coat or any of the Isle of dogs shampoos (the pearl will make his white absolutely glow). No need for conditioner - you want his coat to stay a little harsh to repel the dirt. Stay away from any shampoo that is flea control- especially anything made by Hartz! Can't wait to hear how he does in the show at school and in classes!

  3. We added Norman's sister--Lucy (used to be Belle) to our family about two weeks ago. she is chewing like crazy also! Must be the age. Don't they get a second set around this time?

  4. they must be getting something. he is trying to chew the cabinets at this point.